Singing Clock “Farmyard”

If you have been looking for a simple and funny clock for your kid’ s room, you’d better stop looking. I am sure you will find this Singing Clock “Farmyard” just adorable. The case of the clock is made of wood and the inside is perfect for small children who can’t read the time and clock. What is really funny about this clock are not just the pictures of animals displayed instead of the numbers on the clock screen. It’s the funny sounds it makes when it is supposed to tell the time. I mean when it’s five o’clock for example and there’s a dog picture instead of number ten on the display, you will hear a dog barking.


There are only farm animals on the clock display and the sounds are recorded from real animals from a real farm. This clock can be really fun, but also helpful for the small children and they will soon associate animal sounds with their daily activities. For example your kid it’s time for a nap right after the cow moos or it’s his breakfast time when the cat is heard. The price of the product is £ 54.90.