Simplistic Anton House by Javier de Antón Freile

People are different and unique and their tastes are various and should not be compared. Some of them love luxury, brightness, celebrity.For the contrary, others prefer sobriety, simplicity or anonymity and do not seem fascinated by extravagance and luxury.For those who are not so pretentious and love minimalist and simple things, the Spanish architect Javier de Antón Freile designed a house, located in Zamora, Spain.

Anton House

The exterior and the interior of the building have a practical and simple design. There are not used vivid colors which are eye catching, for the contrary the neutral color grey seems to dominate the exterior and interior of the house too.The building has a rectangular shape with a flat roof, a small outdoor terrace an a nice swimming pool.

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Although the interior spaces are narrow the big glass walls or the glass doors seem to compensate and offer the necessary amount of light and amplify the idea of space.The kitchen with grey and white furniture is simple and narrow and the same thing happens with the bedroom.The big, grey window panels seem to protect the building from bad weather although it might take from the necessary natural light for the interior.