Simplicity at its Best by Anouk B

Nothing compares to the whiteness of the walls, which perfectly fits any shade, especially the black, brown and green existing in this place. What the Dutch stylist Anouk B did, was to create the most serene atmosphere, containing a hypnotic tendency. The repetition of the minimalist color palette previously mentioned, contributes to the general mood of the house that is calm, pleasant, simple.

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The intention of the designer was to create a beautiful environment where everything exists in order to make people relax and feel at ease, a zen-like space where simplicity does everything. If the general tendency is white, there are the furnishings to make the difference and to counterbalance  the natural textures around.

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The few key elements give uniqueness to the house; among them there are the black lamp, the black roll curtains, the wooden canvas and even the pitcher plant. The entire place appears to have a healing role, it seems to clean minds and make you feel comfortable by doing nothing in particular, by simply existing. At the same time every little object, no matter it is a piece of furniture, a decorative object or an interesting plant contributes to the relaxation effect and adds personality to this inviting and inspiring place. It is definitely the kind of home that makes you see the power of simplicity!