SimpleSleeper sofa by Spec Furniture

If you are a business man and you work more at the office the SimpleSleeper sofa is what you need for hours of relaxation. Grabbing a couple hours sleep on the sofa and getting back to work can be handy, or simply crashing after you upload your project and are done. It’s like a day bed, but instead of pillows it has a legitimate back rest like a sofa. But when you feel like stretching out on it the back pivots up and out of the way giving back the full width of the seat cushion.

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Ok, if you are really tired any flat space would look perfect for you to sleep , but this sofa is really comfortable both if you sit on it during a meeting or sleep on it. It has the armrests on both sides of the sofa, but you can easily turn them into head- rest or pillow and , if you watch the photo carefully, you will notice two very convenient drawers beneath it. They are used for storing the necessary items in case you need to sleep over: the sheet and a blanket, maybe a small pillow. The sofa has legs, so you can pick the best spot in the room and just move it there and also the softness and cover of the cushion make it perfect for a good night sleep.