Simple yet elegant desk trunk

Is your home small and crowded, yet there are still a lot of things you would like to add? Maybe it’s time to think more functionally. Take this desk for example. It’s actually called a desk trunk and the reason for that is that it comes as a compact structure with a lot of drawers and it can be easily turned into a desk just by taking apart the two sides. The top will remain the same and you’ll be able to use like a perfectly functional desk.

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It’s handcrafted from sustainably-harvested rosewood and it has black faux-croc casing and stainless steel and genuine leather accents. This means that it’s both durable and stylish, solving all your problems. Now you’ll be able to save some space while still enjoying a beautiful piece of furniture.

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The desk has a British “campaign-style” design and it has a compact structure, very functionally divided and filled with storage drawers. You’ll have room for all your files, documents and other items related to work. The desk trunk measures 35w 24d 31h. It comes fully assembled so all you have to do it find a nice place for it. From the moment you place your order you should expect it to be delivered in 5 to 12 business days, according to the product and the carrier.Available for $ 2,995.