Simple yet Amazing Apartment

Do you find apartments dressed in an elegant fashion extremely appealing? Do you prefer choosing neutral colors for decorating the interiors of your home? Well, if this is the case, you should consider seeking inspiration from this amazing yet simple apartment. The color palette for the house has been carefully selected as pristine white, and the entire walls, ceilings, doors and even few furniture pieces of the house reflect this sober theme.

Simple yet Amazing Apartment1

Unpolished wooden material has been chosen as the flooring option to complement the neutral color theme. Decoration has been kept simple and minimal throughout the house. Two white floor stand lamps can be seen in the living room complementing the elegant white colored sofas and cane wood chairs.

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Pictures featuring simple designs and bold black frames have been used to drape the bare white walls. Minimal decoration style has been extended also to the bedroom. Simple bed frame with straight lines has been complemented with neutral black color sheets and cushions. A small sitting area created in the balcony by employment of concrete table, comfortable sofa loungers, cane pot holders, and classic cane hanging lamp shades is also worth an appreciation.