Stylish Furniture And Accessories For Modern Dogs

Pets (especially dogs) imitate their owners as a sign of appreciation and love so a natural response from our part would be to offer them the same level of style and comfort that we want for our own homes. Designers all around the world took this challenge head on and came up with lots of interesting creations. So whether your dog is big or small, fluffy or not, likes to stay indoors out outside, it’s time to show him your love with a thoughtful and stylish gift.

Circa 50 wood dog house

Dogs are great friends and they love following their owners around. So make your dog feel appreciated even if you’d rather not have it sleep with you in your bed. A nightstand with a cozy little mattress inside such as the Circa50 model lets your dog sleep in the same room as you without diminishing your comfort. It works for cats too.

Forma italia dog house

While a nightstand that doubles as a bed for your pet is definitely a nice idea, large dogs require something a bit different. Forma Italia created a stylish furniture line for pets. They offer pet owners the opportunity to live harmoniously with their companions without giving up style. The stylish beds and miniature houses feature clean lines and elegant designs and some are even multifunctional.

Dog is a dog by marco morosini

Pampered dogs travel in style and what could be more stylish than a luxury caravan or traveling dog house? These are options offered by designer Marco Morosini as part of the Dog is a God collection. The series includes lots of eccentric pieces such as wallpapered and carpeted trailers, Japanese dog houses, traveling houses and also a glass-encased chair that lets you put your dog on a pedestal.

Modern geometric cave for dog

A simpler furniture piece for dogs is the modern pet cave designed by PUP and KIT. Actually, this can also be used by cats. As a pet owner, you can enjoy its functionality as well, being able to use it as a side table or even as a nightstand. The design is available in four wood finishes and 15 fabric choices so you can perfectly match it to rest of the home décor.

Modern doghouses with deck

For dogs that enjoy the outdoors, Meset Shop designed a stylish shelter with a modern and sculptural look. The dog house has a small deck, built-in raised feeders so the dogs can dine Al fresco as well as lots of other amenities such as sliding doors and insulated walls. This is definitely not your usual dog house and modern pets know it.