Simple Ways To Recreate The Look Of Real Exposed Brick Walls

Exposed brick is eye-catching and stands out whether the décor is rustic, industrial, modern or traditional. Actually, this is one of those things that maintains its charm regardless of the style and the things around it. But, like in a lot of other cases, it’s possible to recreate all that charm without actually using the original material. One option is to use brick wallpaper, although there are also other more complex ideas you can try if you’re up to the challenge.

Brick Wallpaper Easy Way

The easiest approach if you want to get the exposed brick look without using bricks is with wallpaper. This solution is often used by renters because it can be a temporary decorating technique. However, in order for it to truly be practical in such a case, you need temporary wallpaper paste which, by the way, you can make yourself.


The recipe we found on Fallfordiy is just what you need. Mix 2 tablespoons of corn flour with 2 cups of water. Bring the water to a boil but first mix the cornflour with a few tablespoons of water. Once the water is boiling, pour in the paste. Allow it to cool and after about an hour it should be ready for use. Then you’re ready to cover the walls with white brick wallpaper and to change the ambiance.

whitewashed or painted brick look

If you like the whitewashed or painted brick look that also has a texture, you can use faux brick panels. You also need some primer, paint, a brush and some picture hanging strips that let you keep the panels in place without damaging the walls. Prime and paint the panel, let it dry and then secure it to the wall with those strips or with nails. You can learn more from Mrkate.

Fireplace faux brick

Jenniferrizzo proposes a really interesting idea. You can use these panels to create fireplace backdrop. First cut the panel to the desired size. Then paint the panel white and let it dry. After that, just place it inside the fireplace. It will look stylish and simple. You can decorate the fireplace with a few other things like some driftwood or branches.

architectural feature faux brick panels

Or use the faux brick panels to highlight a certain architectural feature such as an archway. You can paint or stain the faux brick panels to make them stand out or blend in, depending on the look you prefer. This could work for an entryway or basically any other space that has an interesting layout or architectural element. We found this idea on Frommyfrontporchtoyours and we totally agree with it.

polystyrene foam or Styrofoam

Another option is to use polystyrene foam or Styrofoam. Craftpassion shows you how to can make a grid on the foam and cut out rectangles. Then take a wooden panel and glue the foam bricks onto it. Glue some broken pieces between the gaps to get an authentic irregular look. Allow it to dry overnight and then melt the foam edges with a soldering iron to make them rounded. Do this for the surface as well. Then apply primer and a layer of textured paint.

Painting tape brick wall

A different technique involves interior stucco, painting tape, a piece of cardboard, sandpaper, a trowel, a sea sponge and a ruler. First prep the wall and then make a stencil on it. Tape the lines to create a pattern and then apply stucco. When it’s starting to dry, dab it with a damp sea sponge. At the end, remove the tape. After that, it’s time to prime and paint the wall.{found on Abby Metz}.

stencil brick wall patterns

A simpler solution is to use a stencil. You basically paint over the stencil and then use a sponge to get a nice texture. You can also use a brush to get the texture just right. It’s pretty easy actually and you can use any color you want.You can find the stencil on Cuttingedgestencils.

DIY faux brick wall

Here’s how you can use wallpaper to get the exposed brick look, except not in the way you’d expect it. Get some paintable wallpaper and cut it into rectangles. These will be the bricks. Then dip them in water one by one and stick them onto the wall to create the brick pattern. At the end, paint the wall.