Simple Wall-Mounted Bookcase

I like personalized things. And i also believe that you should make all the furniture for your house directly on order. I have had a few unhappy experiences with read-made furniture that did not fit my house or looked horrible with the things around or they simply could not enter the door. That is why i prefer getting all the measurements and then customize the piece of furniture I want, keeping the design, but adjusting it to my needs and to the space I have available. So I consider this Simple Wall-Mounted Bookcase perfect. First it is very simple in design and will satisfy all tastes.

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Wall mounted bookcase1View in gallery

Then it is modular, so you can actually arrange it on the wall the way you see fit and the way it fits best the overall design of the room. I mean you can put one module here, one there, use an irregular pattern and an asymmetrical arrangement, like you see in these pictures. The basic idea is that this bookcase is made of a series of bookshelves that are linked together in a wonderful design.

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You can use this piece of furniture for extra books, for displaying art objects or for simply supporting vases and home decorations, depending on the owner’s inspiration and style. The item is made of wood and is available in various sizes and colours. You can buy it from West Elm and the price ($159) also includes the hardware needed to secure it to the wall.