Simple table with 3 blackboards incorporated

Here’s a situation that everybody has experienced: you’re trying to explain something to a person, she or he doesn’t understand what you’re trying to say so you get annoyed and you say “do you want me to draw it for you?”. It might sound offensive but sometimes this is the reality. The truth is it is a lot easier to explain something when you have a pen and a piece of paper or, in this case, a table that has blackboards incorporated in its design. The three little blackboards pop out just when you need them.

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It’s both fun and practical. A lot of persons have this habit of scribbling down things when they talk on the phone. Others just walk around the room during the whole conversation. Sometimes it drives you crazy.

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But, anyway, it’s not intentional. So, instead of criticizing them, let them have fun with this ingenious table designed by Tyanyn Xiao.Now it’s just a simple table and one moment later it transforms into a space waiting to be turned into your own drawing board.