Simple, modern and interactive pavilion design

When the weather is good, nobody likes to stay inside the apartment or in the house. It’s like nature begs you to go outside. So when you do that, it’s also a very good opportunity to interact with other people. It’s not easy to agree on a place or activity that you could all do together and that everybody likes. Sometimes you just wish you had a comfy place where you could just sit and talk. Now you can have it.

Visual Permeability Pavilion2View in gallery

This very modern and beautiful pavilion has been designed especially for these types of situations. It’s perfect for relaxation and it also provides with a very inviting place where you can chat and interact with each other. The design is very clever as it’s split into two areas. There’s a more private area for two persons in case someone wants some privacy, and there’s also a larger area designed for four persons where they can have a drink or simple chat, play games and other stuff.

Visual Permeability Pavilion2

The dimensions of this incredible piece are 15.5′ Long X 7.58′ Wide X 6.83′ Tall. If you decide to purchase one you should first be sure you have the space for it.This project has been a collaboration between multiple designers. They have worked together in order to come up with the ultimate relaxation device. I think they did a very good job.