Simple Lipper rectangular table and chair set for children

Unlike some other products designed for children, this table and chair set is actually very simple and lacks any bright colors. Still, it’s quite attractive. It was designed for children that already know how to draw, write and are capable of creating their own projects. The desk is also very nice for doing homework. The set was crafted from durable natural beechwood with a strong protective coating.

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The desk includes recessed cubby shelves, perfect for storing books, crayons and other supplies the children might use. The set also includes two matching chairs. The dimensions of the desk are 33.25L x 21.75W x 24H inches and each chair measures 14.5D x 13.75W x 25.5H inches .The table and chair set is available in five different colors including cherry, espresso, natural, pecan and white.

I particularly like this set especially because it’s so simple and lacks all the usual decorations, prints, colors and other elements that we usually encounter in children furniture. Thos can be very distracting and the children usually see them as toys and not as functional products that can be used for something else. And simple products are more suitable for children that already go to school because they get used with grown-up environments. They stop thinking at themselves as babies and take everything more seriously. It’s not as fun to look at but sometimes it’s the better choice. You can buy this set for $144.98.