Simple Racks That Can Improve Your Home’s Storage Capacity

Ladder racks are very practical and come in a lot of different forms, for various different purposes. They can greatly improve your home’s storage capacity. Add them wherever they’re needed. Their versatility allows them to be used in a variety of different ways and to be adapted to suit your specific needs. In addition, you can easily build them yourself and customize them however you wish.


Laundry racks are one of the options. The one described on littlelucylu allows you to save floor space by hanging your laundry from the ceiling. Building one of these is really simple. You need a ladder, some chain and hooks. First you should clean and paint the ladder. Then add the hooks that will allow you to hang it from the ceiling with chain.

gray ladder above the kitchen island storage

Pot racks can be just as practical. They’re great because they provide a simple and functional solution for storing large pots and pans which take up a lot of space inside cabinets. Basically you’ll be hanging the rack from the ceiling. You can place it above the kitchen island. You can make one out of wood and you can stain or paint it however you want. Or you can buy one from etsy.

Ladder on the kitchen used like storage system

If you want to make your own pot rack, you can use a ladder. It would have to be quite small and sleek and if you want you can build it yourself from scratch. You can hang the ladder from the ceiling using hooks and metal chain and it can be placed close to your cooking area for easy access. You’ll want it to be low enough for you to reach the pots but not very low so it doesn’t incommode you.

Another ladder storage kitchen

Ladders can also be used as storage options for various other objects. If you want to display all your pots and pans in the kitchen, use the ladder storage system we’ve just described for something else. A small ladder can hang from the ceiling above the kitchen island and can be used for storage for things like baskets full of stuff.

purple ladder storage for storage

You should also consider using a ladder as a storage rack for clothes. This idea can be used if you prefer an open wardrobe system or if you want to try something more ingenious for the entryway or closet area. The ladder can be mounted to a wall at the desired height. Use the top to store boxes and containers and the bottom to hang clothes. {found on living.corriere}.

Wedding ladder storage

There are also other ways to use ladders when decorating a space. For example, consider turning one into a beautiful decoration. You can hang a ladder from the ceiling and decorate it with mason jars that serve as vases or with potted plants. It would look lovely above the dining table or in some other space that could use a vintage touch in its décor.

dining room with ladder above the table

Instead of a ladder you can improvise and use a window screen for example. You can use it just like a ladder. Hang it from the ceiling above the island in an open kitchen and decorate it with plants and other things. You can even let a hanging light fixture become a part of its design. It will have an impact on the entire floor plan. Check out worthingcourtblog for more inspiration with this project.

Bathroom ladder storage for towels

Ladders can also be useful in the bathroom. You could turn one into a towel holder for example. In this case, however, it would be more practical and aesthetically pleasing if you’d be using the ladder vertically. Allowing it to casually rest against a wall. You could also use it as a shelving unit. The idea comes from funkyjunkinteriors.

Shoe storage from ladder

Of course, there are various different types of ladders and for each type you can find an ingenious and practical use. A double ladder like this one could be turned into a shelving unit for storing, organizing and displaying your shoe collection, an herb garden or lots of other things, depending on your needs and desires.