Simple Ikea Office Makeover

There are times when you are so caught out in your work that you don’t even see the simple things around you or you can’t remember anything on the way home. That amount of concentration may be good for your work but not for the environment and I’m referring to the things you’re in contact with. Your work area suffers the most, because you are not paying attention and everything deteriorates over time. But how do you realize when it’s time for a new makeover?

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You don’t therefore I’m going to show you by comparison an office renovation with before and after shots, and then see for yourself at what point is your own.So, before renovation the desk didn’t really fit with the interior but it was functional and did its job. The chair also didn’t belong there and judging by its position it wasn’t comfortable either providing a wrong desk position for the body. All the files and office tools were spread around the desk with absolutely no aesthetical sense.

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After the renovation everything looks neat and in place. The boards and shelves on the wall behind the computer help to better organize and plan your events or files. Speaking of files, the new desk has a lot of storage room on each side so files wouldn’t fly every time you open a window. Great colors, simple design and very functional, exactly what a working area needs.{found on thelovelycupboard}.