Simple Ideas to Organize your Winter Garage

With the snow appearing in the horizon, it simply means it is time to bring out the shovels, snow blowers, the kids’ athletic gears, gardening tools etc. Based on this, it is important that prior to this period, you have to properly organize your winter garage so that nothing will be out of place when needed. When your garage is fully organized, it makes it possible for you to efficiently and easily carry out your chores without spending valuable time looking for one tool or the other. Start organizing your winter garage today with the following organization ideas.

garage organization seating
Organize your garage this winter – found on Transformhome

Work your walls with shelves and cabinets:

This idea saves you a lot of floor space which means your car gets ample space to avoid scratches to the body. It is not mostly a DIY project since deep garage shelving will be needed if you have winter sports equipment which are usually bulky and will not fit into everyday shelves. For more effectiveness, a dedicated sports gear closet can also be designed within the interiors of the garage which comes in the form of open storage so that the sports items can be easily unloaded from the car to the storage. The shelves should be designated for various items like tools, cleaners etc. Organizing by category makes it easier to find items.

garage organization wall storage
Organize your garage wall with hooks and customized solutions
garage organization hobbies
Customize your garage for your favorite hobbies and activities


Make use of hooks:

Another way of organizing the winter garage to create more space and make tools and gears easily accessible. Also, when you hang your tools, it helps to prolong their lifespan since it keeps them in good condition. Some of the things you can hang on hooks are ladder, shovels, rakes, helmets, brooms etc. This way, you keep the tools and gears from the floor and avoid tipping over them as you move around the garage.

Make use of garage organization units:

With other items stored in the shelves and cabinets, you can use organization units to store the balls, sporting gear bags and other items. This makes for easier storage and access. A professional designer will always come in handy in determining which gears and tools go where and what design works best for your needs.

garage organization cabinetry idea
Cabinetry, hooks, and shelving garage organization ideas
garage organization cabinetry
Use cabinetry to organize your belongings

If you fully understand your personal storage needs, especially when it has to do with your winter garage, you will be able to design and organize your garage in the most functional way, utilizing the above listed ideas. Yes, when you have an organized garage, it adds more quality to life in your garage during the winter. Use these tips to find more space, and you may discover items that you forgot you had!

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