Simple and Handy Stool from Loll Designs

I like stools and I think thy are very important in any home because you can use them for various activities. You can use stools to get to higher places like a wall-mounted cabinet or shelf or maybe to rest your feet on it. You can use a stool as a small side table and put the fruit bowl on it when you rest and many other similar activities. Kids also love stools because they are of real help for the small creatures who want to conquer the house and discover its mysteries.

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My daughter, for example, always carried a stool in the house when she was smaller in order to help her reach higher places. It was the device that helped her explore the environment. This Simple and Handy Stool from Loll Designs is simply perfect for both grown-ups and children.

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The stool is made of HDPE, high density polyethylene, a plastic resin that is used mainly in manufacturing kids furniture and other home accessories. Even if it is a kind of plastic, it is strong and resistant, not very breakable, so pretty safe for kids. The stool is sturdy and does not trip over, keeping the small children safe and the chairs made of this material are lightweight. This way the kid can drag the stool after them, using them whenever they need it to. The item is now available in many colour options and can now be purchased for $160.