Simple and functional freestanding kitchen table

In the kitchen there’s never too much free space. It’s why we usually try to find multifunctional furniture to save space and to also keep an organized and clean look. This kitchen table is one such example. It’s a freestanding piece of furniture that serves as a preparation table but also as a counter space and storage unit.

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The table has a very simple design. It’s a minimalist piece of furniture with a natural look. It’s made of wood ad can have different types of finish. The table is designed by Mint and it’s being produced in Latvia. It has a solid and simple construction and it’s made from either solid ash or walnut. It features a laminate finish and it has a versatile design that allows it to be easily integrated in any type of kitchen regardless of the décor.

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The overall dimensions of this chic piece of furniture are length 1.60 x width 0.70 x Height: 0.90 m. It requires assembly and it’s being delivered with specific instructions. It’s a simple project and it doesn’t require specialized help. The freestanding preparation table has a practical table top that can be used as a counter and shares space with the sink. Underneath there’s a practical storage shelf that can be used for all sorts of supplies and tools and can accommodate storage boxes and crates. For a uniform décor you can also opt for the matching Screwbench or the veneer basket also designed by Mint and sharing a similar design and finish.Available for 319 euros.