Simple DIY Miniature Christmas Tree

Once the winter holidays are closer every corner of our house gets a special touch of them. Although we refer to window wreaths, decorative candles, miniature or big Christmas trees or other Christmas decorative items everything is touched by the magic spirit of these wonderful holidays. Sometimes the way we decorate our house reflects our mood, personality, preferences or even hobbies.

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Those who love things that are simple but nice here is an idea of creating a DIY Miniature Christmas Tree which can add a certain holiday touch to their interior design. Though the process is very simple you still need some materials like: thin wooden rails, small saw, hot glue gun, some white paint, a small brush and a glitter star. The result will be a lovely Christmas tree that you put it on any table or other place you choose and enjoy your work and its beautiful design.

Sometimes these simple things are more practical and seem to bring us more joy than some sophisticated, extravagant and glamorous items. It is said that we should enjoy our small, happy moments of our life which make us feel really accomplished and truly human. Try to fill your house with such creative and simple things and see how much satisfaction and happiness can bring you!{found on decortrunk}