Nail The Look – 10 Homemade Light Fixtures

We all know the stories where you see a gorgeous light fixture somewhere and you can’t afford it or where you search for a decent pendant lamp for weeks without any positive result. Whatever the case may be, you should always keep in mind the alternative or making the light fixture yourself. There are lots of great and easy designs you can try, these 10 being just a sample.

Plastic cups drinks lightingView in gallery

What else can you do with plastic cups except drink with them at a barbecue or when you don’t feel like washing dishes? The answer can be surprising. There are many interesting things you can make, including a unique pendant lamp. You can just staple lots of plastic cups together to make a shade for your light fixture.

Copper wall sconceView in gallery

Industrial light fixtures are the simplest of all. To make one you can just use some copper pipes and fittings. Depending on the shape you want to create, mix and match these to get the desired look. Once you’ve built it, you can add some wall décor to make it stand out. Check out vintagerevivals for some inspiration.

Pipes rack and lighting fixtureView in gallery

A different design for a lamp that’s also made of metal pipes can be found on weekdaycarnival. As you can see, this one’s design also allows it to be used as a rack for towels, clothes and other things. So, depending on where you install it, you can adjust its shape and design to suit your storage needs.

Industrial floor lampView in gallery

On howaboutorange you can find a simple design for an industrial floor lamp made of metal pipes. You can use any combination of metal pipes and connectors you want. The idea is to create a design that can stand up straight and which you can actually use in a practical way. You’d have to build a base and then to create the body of the lamp.

DIY industrial pendant lamp with rope and a cageView in gallery

A different type of industrial pendant light is described on blesserhouse. You can make this fixture for less than $10. you’ll need some bronze spray paint, sisal rope, a hot glue gun and a metal lamp guard which you’ll attach to an existing fixture. Spray paint everything and then put the pieces together. Wrap rope around the fixture to give it a chic look.

DIY copper and concrete table lampView in gallery

To make a table lamp, you can use the design offered by brit. Here you can actually find two versions, one for an angled table lamp and one for a straight one. Pick the one that best suits one needs and style. You’ll need concrete mix for the base, copper piping, a lamp kit, adhesive bumpers, a drill, a glue gun and a few other things. Check out the full list and have fun improvising.

Cute diy ombre hexagon lampshadeView in gallery

The hexagon lampshade featured on aparedeindecisa also has its share of industrial beauty although it’s also a bit rustic and modern at the same time. As you can see, it has an ombre design. The white and pink can be replaced with any other color combination. If you look closely you can see that it wasn’t painted but actually wrapped in yarn.

Wood and copper ceiling lighting fixtureView in gallery

An interesting combination of materials designed to give the chandelier an eclectic look can be found on vintagerevivals. Copper and wood were put together here to create a light fixture that looks elegant and industrial without exaggerating with any of these characteristics. You can adjust the design and even change it if desired.

Leather hanging lighting fixtureView in gallery

If you’d rather try something different, check out the leather pendant light featured on poppytalk. To make a similar one you’ll need leather straps (from an old belt for example), a wooden circle plaque, a drill, some nails, a hammer, a socket, cord, a switch and a cutter. You’ll have to find a pattern you want to arrange the leather straps in.

Cords lighting fixtureView in gallery

There are also, of course, simpler ways to make a light fixture, especially if you prefer a casual look. One example can be found on onekingslane. All you’ll need for this project is a turned brass flange, a 90 degree brass arm, a solid brass half ball and, of course, the cord, light bulb and switch. You can customize this project in a lot of ways so come up with an original design before you make a list of supplies.