Simple DIY Brick Pizza Oven

More and more people seem to appreciate the healthy, bio food. They have seen the negative effects of junk food and are willing to prepare their food at home. Although it is more easy and comfortable to get out at a fast-food and order your favorite pizza at home we need to think of our health and good habits and examples that we need to teach our children too.

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Sometimes cooking at home may become a relaxant activity which might disconnect you from your ordinary stuff like the problems that you have at work or in your private life. As pizza seems to be a type of food that can be prepared very easily everybody wants to cook it at home. For amazing and best results a pizza oven becomes a very important item in everybody’s kitchen.

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Here it is an idea of how you can create a simple DIY Brick Pizza Oven which can be very cheap too. You will need to buy two 12” or eight 6” of unglazed ceramic tiles and then to arrange them in your standard oven in two layers. The base layer will assure the amazing crust while the top will help increase the temperature within the pizza’s area. It will also add some lightly burned top crust.

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As the stones need to be very hot you need to preheat your oven about 45 minute on the highest temperature possible. Imagine what a delicious pizza you will be able to prepare!{found on instructables}