Simple cozy apartment in Rome

The next apartment is made to show us that white walls are still in fashion and that you can have a joyful colored house without painting your walls. I must confess this statement contradicts my past beliefs, but after seeing this apartment I was strongly convinced about its veracity.

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It’s amazing how a simple, white house, very little decorated can make you feel so cozy and give you a happy feeling! Starting with the living room, we may see that not only the walls, but also the floor is white painted. The door, the table and also the curtains are white, but the room still seams colorful. This is possible by the accessories colors. Some colored shelves, a yellow modern shaped chair a orange toy and a blue stripped hammock, extended through the middle of the room make all the work. A plus is given by the small orange chandeliers and a scarlet painting.

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From the living room you enter a common bar and kitchen with an unfinished simple aspect. The same feeling is also given by the bathroom. The bedroom, still white, has an improvised look-like bed. I am not sure yet if this apartment is finished or not, but if it is, then it’s a real original one. If it’s not, the owner may think about letting it just how it is now, because, in its simplicity, I think it’s enough. It is truly amazing how wonderful a simple, almost empty, apartment can look, if you decorate it with little money and lots of good taste and imagination.{found on Brava Casa}.