Ornaments That Will Simplify Your Christmas In a Really Stylish way

We’re all familiar with the traditional Christmas decorations and even though they can be very charming at times, they’re not exactly innovative. For those of you who want to try something different, to take the Christmas decor to a new level, we’re prepared a few inspiring ideas. They’re refreshingly simple and really chic and quirky. You can create a bunch of interesting decors starting from these little things. Innovation can become your new theme this year.

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What we love the most about these ornaments is the contrast that’s created between their delicate lines, intricate models, not to mention the feather accents and the rustic twine that holds them.

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If you really want to innovate and to make this Christmas special, you could give up the Christmas tree altogether and put something else in its place, something a bit more space-efficient and also a bit simpler. It could be interesting to find a full branch and to spray paint it. Give it a sturdy support and decorate it with ornaments and other similar things.

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If you like the idea of a branch instead of a full Christmas tree, you can have lots of fun coming up with a design for the support that holds it. It could be in the form of a miniature house with carved out doors and windows. The chimney can be the branch.

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Counting the days until Christmas? How about a calendar that ends with the 24th of December? Actually, you could craft or buy an Advent calendar that basically has the same characteristic. What’s fun about this particular model is the fact that you can tear out each day until the whole calendar disappears.

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The little houses we mentioned earlier can also serve as standalone decorations. It would be interesting to craft something like this out of clay. You could use cookie cutters for the windows and designs and you can put string lights inside the houses to turn them into luminaries.

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It could be nice to have several miniature houses so you can put together a whole neighborhood. You could even add some miniature trees and planters to complete the design and make it look more authentic.

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Not all Christmas decorations are intricate and glittery. In fact, it would be refreshing to try something that isn’t. It could be something like this. It’s a really simple poster-like decoration which you can hang on a door or wall.

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Candles are almost always there when it comes to Christmas decors. They’re used in clusters on mantels or on tables and they’re part of all sorts of centerpieces. But those aren’t the only ways to display them. You could make luminaries like the ones displayed here and they’ll project beautiful images on your walls.

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There’s also this interesting lantern idea that looks like a cute little house with glass walls. It even has a set of tiny stairs and a door. We like the combination of materials used here. The concrete and the glass contrast is a really cool way.

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You can’t really go wrong with the classics. A flower vase will never get old so perhaps you can use one in a fresh and stylish way. Instead of flowers you could fill it with something a bit more seasonal like dried branches or berries. It could also be cool to fill a clear vase with acorns and pinecones.

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It might take you a while to find the right branch but one you have it you’re almost done with the decoration. The idea is to paint the branch or to clean it thoroughly and to then decorate it with fairy lights. It will look magical. A more time-efficient idea would be to buy a ready-made one.

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Candles come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and these ones seem perfect for the Christmas decor. They’re shaped like stars and Christmas trees and they can be displayed in a lot of cool and fun ways, including this option where they stand in repurposed and painted bottles.

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Turn your fireplace mantel or console table into a snowy road with trees on the side and cars that carry Christmas presents and other goodies. It’s fun to have a decor that tells a story.

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If you prefer simplicity and aren’t really fond of the traditional Christmas decorations which are all glittery and colorful, perhaps you’d enjoy something a bit less eye-catching, like these medallion ornaments with carved out snowflakes on them.

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Miniature gardens or terrariums can look really beautiful and they make wonderful decorations. If you already have one, you could dress it p for Christmas. Add some fake snow and maybe also some seasonal ornaments and actual Christmas decorations like these tree toppers.

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There are lots of quirky ways in which to revive old and outdated ornaments and plenty of new designs that focus exactly on that. These clear ornaments caught our eye with their cute little toy cars and minimalist design.

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A nice way to make old ornaments stylish again involves chalkboard spray paint. Basically you just spray paint the ornaments and then you can draw or write on them, customizing them however you want.

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There are lots of other ingenious ideas based on the same principle. You can try of these yourself. You could start with clear glass ornaments and fill them with tiny things, paint them or glue stuff to them.

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Similarly, paper ornaments look particularly interesting. We’re not necessarily talking about origami designs. You can play with all sorts of other techniques and there are plenty of interesting ones you can buy as well.

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These ornaments are an interesting version of the traditional kind. They have this mysterious look and they tell interesting stories. They also look very chic, with their frosted edges and flattened shape.