Simple but reliable Foundation side table

American design studio Ford Standard has recently come up with a very nice design. The side tables, because there’s two of them, have a very interesting design. They are made of a combination of Teak and Marble that looks very nice together. The two materials work together as a unit using each other’s qualities in order to make the side tables look good and also to be functional.

Foundation table

As you can see, the base is always made of marble. This gives the table stability. The rest of the structure is made of Teak wood, also a very resistant and durable material. There are two different designs. There’s one with a single leg that acts as a support and that is wrapped in marble. There’s also a second design, this time with two legs that seem to hug the marble triangle at the base.

The top is the same for he two models: round and very simple. Actually, the whole table is simple, even minimalist.This, together with the odd but striking combination of materials, would make it stand out and become a very beautiful and attractive piece of furniture in your home. It would probably look good in any home, whether it’s traditional or modern. Regardless of the model you choose, you’ll have a very elegant, simple and stylish side table. Don’t be afraid to experiment.