Simple but chic apartment decorated in natural colors

It’s really impossible to say that one color is better than another because they are all unique in their own way and they each transmit something different. However, we can definitely say that some colors are better at creating a certain atmosphere or type of décor than others. Neutral colors, for example, present several advantages. As everyone knows, they are great at creating warm and inviting atmospheres. But they are also wonderful if you want the décor to be elegant. These are just two of the reasons why a neutral color palette was chosen for this apartment.

Cream natural apartment decor

The apartment has an overall simple interior décor and the simple colors suit it well. The neutrals create a calm, inviting and warm atmosphere. Moreover, they are also classical choices that make the rooms look elegant and chic. And there’s also another significant advantage that is worth taking into consideration. When you’re using neutrals you’re basically not interested in any particular trends and temporary influences. You create a timeless and beautiful décor that will always look stylish.

Cream natural apartment decor1

Cream natural apartment decor2

Cream natural apartment decor3

Cream natural apartment decor4

Cream natural apartment decor5

In the case of this apartment, the background is basically white. The neutrals and the color come from the furniture, the wooden pieces, wooden floor and beams. The walls are white in almost every room. But regardless of these details, the décor is always well-balanced. Also, even though the neutrals usually mean an elegant and more formal décor, in this case we have a more casual look.

Cream natural apartment decor6

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Cream natural apartment decor10

Not all the spaces transmit the same atmosphere. The living area is, of course elegant. But there are also spaces like the balcony where the décor is very casual and the atmosphere is very relaxed. There’s always this balance everywhere you look and it’s probably best features on the staircase walls where we can see that the finish is rough and the decorations have similar characteristics.{found on Bolaget}.