Black Bed Frames – The Little Black Dress Of Interior Design

The bed is usually the most important furniture piece in the bedroom. There are, of course exceptions and the bed may not even be part of the bedroom at all. If it is, however, its design has a big impact on the room’s overall design. A black bed always looks beautiful, regardless of the style. It’s the little black dress of interior design. You can always count on it to be elegant and stylish.

Laguna Full Bed, Black Woodgrain

For a cohesive design, all the furniture in the bedroom can be black, not just the bed. They can even form a set. A black bed with a matching headboard and nightstands won’t look gloomy if surrounded by lighter colors and warm materials.

Electic bedroom furniture in black

Alternatively, the bed can be the only black piece of furniture in the room. This will allow it to stand out by contrasting with the nightstands and dresser. If these are white, then a timeless color combination is established and it can be repeated throughout the room’s décor in a lot of different ways

Bedroom with black waslls and empty frames

There’s also the middle way. In such a case the black bed can be complemented by contrasting furniture but can also be linked to another black feature such as an accent wall. Try to spread out the black elements throughout the room for a harmonious look.

Black metalic bed frames

Black is a very versatile color which looks great in any type of décor and when combined with any other color. You could, for example, make the dresser the focal point of the room by making it stand out thanks to its bold and vibrant color. The bed or beds can blend in by coordinating with other details.

Traditional black bedroom furniture

Symmetry helps establish a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere in the bedroom. You can create symmetry with the help of color and accessories. The layout is also important. For example, put a black bed in between two windows with matching curtains, add an area rug in front of it and make sure the colors used here are evenly distributed throughout the room.

Luxury ghotic bedroom furniture in black

Just because the color of the bed frame is black and neutral doesn’t mean the design can’t be interesting and bold. Look, for example, for a traditional or vintage bed with an intricately carved headboard and a front board that’s just as beautiful. Allow the bed to stand out by surrounding it with contrasting colors.

Black canopy style bedroom

A black canopy bed is simple enough to look sleek and casual but also imposing enough to add some drama to the bedroom. Because the frame is black, you can choose to leave it exposed and to highlight its design. Of course, curtains can also be added if desired and that wouldn’t necessarily change the décor.

Small black bedroom frame

Find a way to harmonize the décor in a way that doesn’t make the black canopy bed take over the whole space. One simple way to do that is by having two lamps with black shades placed on either side of the bed, on the nightstands.

Metalic black framed bed

The canopy bed doesn’t need to have a think frame or to be really big in order to stand out. The clean lines and dark color are enough to ensure that happens anyway. So go ahead and infuse the décor with beautiful accent colors and patterns for an eclectic look.

Cool masculine black bedroom

Four poster beds are similar to canopy beds. They’re also imposing and a bit dramatic and a black frame can definitely outline their elegant design. Choose this option if you want the bed to be the center of the attention. Keep in mind that, if the room is small, a lighter color could help keep it bright and open.

Traditional black bedroom bed with a cozy feel

A black bed frame can be sleek enough to blend in and not stand out at all. A good example is the traditional bed type with metallic front and head boards. The simpler the design is, the easier it will be to draw attention to something else in the room, allowing the bed to blend in a subtle and elegant manner.

Bedroom furniture with black color

Use symmetry to your advantage. Make a simple black bed the main piece. Everything else can be lighter so, for example, you could have two simple wooden nightstands with two gray lamps on them and two sleek framed imaged on the wall behind the bed.

Large and spacious bedroom

If the room is large and spacious, you shouldn’t be afraid to use dark colors. In fact, a strong contrast of black and white and be really refreshing. A black accent wall can be coordinated with a black bed and a matching bench while the rest of the walls and the floor can be white.