Simple black bookcase

If you own a small apartment then you probably know how important space is. Storage is always a problem in small places because there’s not a lot of room for storage closets or other types of furniture pieces. So shelves and bookcases are probably the best solution.

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They are usually mounted on the walls so they don’t use the floor space and they can be placed wherever you want. They are a great way of adding some storage space in your home without having to sacrifice other furniture pieces. This design, presented here, is a very simple bookcase made from black-stained oak veneer and the dimensions are H72xW17¼xD12″. It has a very nice and fresh look and it has a shape that allows you to place it wherever you have some extra space.

It’s a creation of the BoConcept design team.It’s a very functional furniture piece that also has a very pleasant and beautiful look. You can also add other similar pieces to create an original design for your home.Available from 689$.