Simple and stylish accent tables

Accent tables are not a must-have in a home. There are other pieces of furniture that have to be included in the interior design and that are more practical and functional than accent tables. Still, sometimes you feel like there’s something missing from your home when you realize that there’s some free space and you don’t know how to decorate it. A small table is usually a very good idea. It provides you with some extra storage space and it’s the perfect piece of furniture when you need a place for your flowers or decorations.

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MUN is a collection designed by Christine Starkenburg for Andaacht Studion. The collection features several accent table designs. Al of them are made of natural wood and they come in natural colors. Furthermore, the pieces are hand-made. It’s a very simple collection, with simple designs. However, even like this, the pieces look very stylish and cute.

In order to add some fun to your décor, you can choose one that has colorful legs. They come in several colors that are usually neutral and not very bright or vibrant. Still, they look modern and chic. These accent tables are great for the living room, as a corner piece, or for the bedroom, when you need something to fill out the space. Also they would make a great piece for the hallways.{found on blosem}