Simple and practical elfa Kid’s Workstation

In the kid’s room or playroom there’s always something that needs to be stored somewhere. There are a lot of toys when the kids and little and as they grow up there will be books, pencils, coloring books, paper, projects and that sort of things that will also need to be stored somewhere or displayed. In such cases shelves are a great choice.

Kids Workstation

They are easy to use and the kids can learn how to be organized. If you add a nice desk to that picture it’s perfect. The kids will have a nice place where they can create their own projects, do their homework if that’s the case or simply play with their toys. Elfa is the general name that describes this collection. It’s a set that includes the elfa Solid Shelving, perfect for little one’s toys, booms and other supplies and the elfa Drawers where the kids can create and draw.

This combination of pieces is also adjustable and it gives you the possibility to rearrange the shelves as the kids grow up and have different needs. This way the shelves once used to display toys can become a bookcase for example or a place to store school supplies. Elfa is made from exceptionally durable epoxy-bonded steel. It’s easy to install and it’s very practical.Available for $627.