Simple and practical console desk

Whether your office is inside your house because you have a job that allows you to work from home, or whether it’s somewhere else, there’s something that is absolutely necessary in both cases: a functional and practical desk. Here’s an example of a very simple desk. It’s a 2×2 console desk with 4 compartments.

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It’s made of solid hardwood/wood and it has a chocolate-stained veneer. The dimensions of this piece are 60″w x 18″d x 30″h.. It’s a very simple but very practical design. The compartments are very generous, airy and open and they provide plenty of storage space for all the books, magazines, documents or even electronics that you might need in there. The console desk comes in two color options: barley and chocolate. Simple assembly is required and it’s not a difficult process so you won’t need any professional help. The piece can be purchased for $299.

I think this is a very nice desk that could made a good choice for either the office in your home, for a teen’s room or even for your work office. The open compartments are more practical and easy to use than the usual shelves and drawers. On the other side, some people might not like their stuff to be exposed like this, but in the office this is not usually a problem.