Simple and practical cable hiding solution

People can’t live without technology. Technology doesn’t work without cables. Therefore you have to deal with them. And here’s the prefect solution for your cable problems: it’s called Plug Hub and it’s a very clever way to hide the unwanted wires.You can place it behind your desk while also keeping the cables untangled. You can also place it on the floor or mounted on the wall, or even on the back of your working table top.

Cable hiding mechanism Freshome04 1

This very simple organizer is made from rigid plastic and has a sort of rubber “foot” on the bottom for better adherence. It also has three openings for directing the wires and three integrated cord anchors.It’s amazing how such a simple object can be so useful. It practically changes your life. Small things like this one really make a difference. Improve the quality of your lifestyle with this extremely practical and almost ridiculously simple object.