Simple and modern residence by Dietrich

House A is a simple and modern residence located in Dornbirn, Austria. It was a project developed by Untertrifaller Architekten and it was completed in 2009. The house covers an area of 252 square meters. It has been built on a site below the road. The house has a simple design and it has an uneven structure. There’s a one storey volume facing the street and then there’s the two-storey side facing the valley. This design was chosen because of the shape and size of the site that didn’t allow the architects to choose other options.

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Because of the unusual structure and the different in height, the internal structure of the house also needed to be adapted. As a result, there living areas are located upstairs and the private zones such as the bedrooms are downstairs. These also benefit from views of the garden.

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The main volume has a timber façade. There’s a second volume, an annex to the main house that distinguishes itself by the exposed concrete façade and structure. The wooden façade of the main volume is only an exterior layer, mostly chosen for the looks and the way it makes the house integrate into the surroundings.

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The part of the house facing the valley features a series of windows that seem to form a uniform glass wall. They also frame a ring of terraces and exterior staircases. The interior of the house preserves the same simple design. The wood panels create continuity with the exterior and also help create a warm and inviting atmosphere. All the rooms are spacious and airy. They have minimalist decors and modern furniture and fittings.{pictures by Bruno}.