Simple and functional metal lanterns

When you’re living in a house, not apartment, a lot of things are different. For example you clearly spend more time outside. A very nice advantage is that you can enjoy many sunny days on the terrace or in the garden, or you can wait until the sun goes down so that you can admire the moon and the stars, if they are visible.

Porthole Metal Lanterns

Also, if you’re living in a house there are some items that you definitely need. One of them is a lantern. The lantern is very useful, especially during the night when you just want to check something outside, or when you’re just relaxing outside and you want some soft relaxing light. In this case, the metal lanterns presented here are a very good choice. The have an iron frame and inside you can place a candle. They come in different sizes, even in different shapes, not just the round one presented here. There are basically four sizes: small (5 ” wide x 4” deep x 7” high), medium (9” wide x 6.5” deep x 12” high) and large (11” wide x 7” deep x 15;; high). The lanterns are made of iron so they have a very rustic, somewhat antique look. They also have a bronze finish. The rest is made of rounded glass.

In the case of the round lanterns, the glass magnifies the light produces by the candles and the effect is very nice. The lanterns are available for EUR 18.05.