Take Vases To A New Level With Wall-Mounted Designs

The ever-popular vases will probably never lose their popularity. They always adapt to the new trends and change their appearance to suit every single style. In a contemporary décor, for example, which is usually minimalist and has clean and simple lines, wall-mounted vases are a big hit. These designs take vases to a new level literary.


In case you’re wondering where you can buy these simple and chic vases from, check out Potterybarn. They’re sold individually or as sets of two. They’re hand-blown and look very simple, measuring 3” in diameter and 7” in height. You can display them in a lot of charming ways and they’d look lovely in every room of the house.

Distinctive Wall Mounted Vases From 1012 Terra

Featuring a geometric design that’s a bit more abstract than usually, these chic vases we found on decoradvisor can easily stand out by themselves and you can use them as sculptural decorations. The rhombus shape gives them an intriguing look, not suggesting their function in an obvious manner. The vases are both graphical and transparent and this adds to their uniqueness.

Mason jars on wall flowers

The chic rhombus shape also defines these lovely wall-mounted vases. Their design is a bit more casual and simple enough to be treated as a DIY project. You can make the back panel out of some scrap wood and the vase can be an old Mason jar. Attach to the wood panel with a leather strap and put felt on the back of the panel so the wall doesn’t get damaged.

Recycle juice bottles

Instead of jars you could also use glass bottles. The design would have to be a little different in this case. You can display the vases in sets of two or three and you can build a simple wood box to hold them all. Make holes in the top panel for the bottle necks to go through. If you want, you can also give the bottles a colored tint or paint them.

Wine bottle hangin flower

Wine bottles make great vases and they too can be turned into wall-mounted sconce-like decorations. The project would be really simple. You’d need a piece of wood for the back panel, a ceiling flange, a split ring hanger, some screws and a threaded rod. You can find out how to put all these things together on shanty-2-chic.

Teardrop flower vases

Of course, wine bottles aren’t your only option. You can basically use any type of glass bottle so look for models that you like and turn them into vases. Alternatively, you can find a really nice ready made design on Etsy. These sconces feature teardrop bottles and are attached to a reclaimed wood panel using brass hangers. They come in sets of three.

Hang flowers into empty frames

If you want to display your wall-mounted vases this way, you’ll have to find glass bottles that have a flat back. Since this would be pretty difficult to do, look for ways to improvise. Repurpose perfume containers or other things. All you have to do is hang the vase to the wall and then place a frame around it.

Glass flowers above the bed

Wall-mounted vases are really chic and very versatile. They can look elegant and beautiful in any room of the house. Consider using them as wall decorations in the bedroom but also in spaces such as the bathroom as a way to add a delicate and colorful touch to the décor. Find ways to personalize the vases using accessible items. For a subtle industrial look, highlight the metal pieces. For a more rustic look try incorporating some wood into the design.