Classy Designs Illustrate The Versatility Of Storage Cabinets

Call it a sideboard, credenza, server or however else you want, the fact remains that all storage cabinets are functional, practical and also quite versatile. They’re useful in pretty much any room and they can often make a room more stylish and elegant than the alternatives. So let’s explore some of the design options to see just how versatile and good-looking a cabinet can be.

Simple and elegant storage cabinet

Instead of trying too hard to make your home office look professional, how about you try a different approach instead? Forget about the ugly file cabinets and put a chic credenza or a sideboard in its place. This can really change the décor and the ambiance, making the space feel more welcoming.

Industrial desk on wheels with a country sideboard

This is another home office that doesn’t really follow the stereotype when it comes to its interior design. The storage cabinet makes it look more like a living room than a workspace. Another nice touch here is the chandelier and the use of wall art.

Luxury black office furniture

Of course, you can maintain a professional and sober look for the home office and give it a chic touch at the same time. A lot of times this has to do with the color palette which in which case puts together black and gold accents. The sideboard is the perfect piece for the space.

Use sideboard storage like main source

Use a sideboard as your main storage unit for the home office and customize it to suit your needs. For example, you can label the drawers so you always know where to find what you’re looking for. You can also paint the door fronts or change the hardware. In any case, it’s easy to make the piece stand out.

Green wallpaper and white sideboard

A sideboard or a credenza also allows you to add an artistic touch to the home office décor. Use the top as a display area for a sculpture, some candles, a personal collection of items, a vase or anything else you want to decorate your workspace with. There’s also plenty of space to display a framed painting over the sideboard.

Scandinavian decor with a white sideboard

Sideboard or storage cabinets are also great furniture options for space that serve a double function. For example, you could have a room that you use as a home office and also as a guest room from time to time. In such a case, you want the décor to be versatile and suitable for both cases.

Black and white frames for wall

Storage cabinets come in many different styles so you can surely find out that’s simple enough or elegant enough for the space you have in mind. A home office doesn’t need a lot of unnecessary details and should mainly be functional so pick a large cabinet that offers enough storage for everything.

green plants in corner

For family rooms and living spaces, pick something classy and simple but also stylish enough to stand out in a subtle way. The Lotus Console featured here is a great option. It has the right size and proportions for this small family room and it contrasts with the rest of the décor but not in a striking way.