Creative DIY Wall Lamps Your Home Needs To Be Complete

In search of a wall lamp for your reading corner, bedroom, office or a different space? How about crafting one yourself? It may sound messy and complicated but the designs we’ve gathered here are really simple and really versatile. They’ll let you craft simple and functional light fixtures which you can adapt and customize in a lot of great ways.


We’ll start with a minimalist design which you can craft using a few wood pieces and some screws and nails. The cord can feature any color you like so feel free to personalize your lamp this way. The actual frame of the lamp is easy to put together and you can figure out how to do it from the images.{found on weekdaycarnival}.

Edison retractable light

A wall lamp with a retractable body is perfect for bedrooms and reading nooks as they offer more flexibility and allow you to change the angle the light comes from. To craft such a fixture you can use a retractable mirror, a light socket, cord, gold spray paint, an adapter nut and an Edison bulb. Find more instructions on how to put these things together on creatingwithklc.

DIY Wall Sconce Task

On Vintagerevivals you can find a tutorial on how to craft a wall sconce with industrial flair. Use a table lamp, copper fittings and wooden dowels. Glue the dowels and the copper elbows together into the shape you want. Then add the lampshade.

DIY Wall Lamp Project

A wall lamp with a simple design which you can craft using a very small budget can be found on Thehomesteady. The supplied needed for the project include a lamp kit, craft jute, glue, pliers and a vintage light bulb. Follow the instructions to assemble the lamp kit and then craft the wood frame. All you need is three pieces of wood.

Copper pipe wall sconce

Another minimalist wall lamp with industrial charm is the one featured on Camillestyles. If you want to craft something similar, use copper pipes and fittings, a picture hanger and a small piece of wood. Cut the copper pipe and the wood piece to size. Attach the hanger to the back of the wood piece. Center the pipe onto the wood and attach it with copper straps and screws. Add the copper elbow and weave the cord through the pipe. Add the socket and the bulb.

DIY concrete lamp

A rather unusual idea is to make a lamp out of concrete. The idea comes from Brit. The project requires concrete mix, an electrical socket, switch and cord, two plastic bottles of different sizes, sandpaper, a metal can and threaded tube and nuts. Cut the bottom of the two bottles and drill holes in the caps. Connect the caps using tube and nuts. Use deck screws to stabilize the bottles and pour the concrete mix in between them. Place everything in a metal can. Let the concrete dry and remove the bottles. Use this as a lampshade.

Hook wall lamp

Perhaps the simplest design of all is this one. It’s a hook wall lamp. Basically, the cord loops around a wall-mounted hook and then hangs at the desired height. Such a fixture can be perfect for the bedroom.

Drawer turned into a small lighting fixture

Another very simple idea is to attach a hook to the underside of a wall-mounted shelf or cubby. You can then let the light bulb and cord dangle, adjusting the height as desired.