Simple and Casual Green Color Blakeley Chair

Everyone usually looks for basically the same things when searching for a piece of furniture like an armchair for example. They want it to be simple, comfortable and versatile. They also want to have the freedom to choose the color and maybe even the material they want for it. If these are requests you agree with we have the perfect solution: the Blakeley Chair.

Blakely chair

This flexible piece of furniture is, first of all simple, even minimalist in terms of design. The armchair offers you the possibility to choose the type of fabric and the color you like or that matches with the rest of your interior décor. It’s so simple and yet so satisfying, it’s curious why not everybody though to do the same thing. The Blakeley Chair measures 29″ wide x 35″ deep x 26″ high. The seat height is 16”, the arm height is 24” and the seat depth is 23”. The model you see here features VOV Pickle and Tolstoy Frog fabric and color and it has a hickory base with discontinued fabric.

You can choose from a wide range of fabrics and colors and you can also provide your own fabric if there’s nothing similar available. You can buy this chic and comfy armchair for $1,695.00 and you can expect delivery in 15 business days. In the case of C.O.M furniture the delivery will take between 12 and 14 weeks for all custom products.