Simple and bright apartment with bold splashes of color

There are lots of strategies that you can use when decorating your home. For example, an apartment doesn’t necessarily have to be large in order to look spacious and airy. It’s often all related to the colors you use. An apartment with white walls, white ceilings and furniture featuring bright colors will definitely seem more spacious than one overwhelmed by strong colors.

Bold apartment accents accessories

But this doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to using only neutral colors. You could very well opt for a white or neutral background and you may also have furniture featuring the same shades. But you can also choose to add bold splashes of color here and there. They would prevent the décor from becoming monotonous and boring and they would make it more dynamic.

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This apartment, for example, is a very nice example of how splashes of vibrant color can change the décor dramatically. Notice that in the kitchen, for example, the walls and ceiling are white and the furniture is also white. It’s the simple details that change the atmosphere. The pendant lamp is very simple but its pink interior adds dynamism to the décor.

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The living room that’s also part of the open floor plan is also very simply decorated. The white sofa is complemented by cushions featuring various shades of purple. In the bedroom there seems to be a single focal point. The whole décor is crisp white and this makes it very serene and tranquil. The painting displayed above the bed is a very nice and colorful accent piece that stands out beautifully.

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The armoire is also an eye-catching piece that wouldn’t stand out so much if it was in a different décor. Here, however, its color and design make it very special. This strategy was used for the entire apartment and the result is a very nicely-balanced décor.{found on Stadshem}.