Simple 71 square meters apartment interior design

Located in Vasastan, Sweden, this apartment has a typical Nordic interior. It has spacious rooms and an overall airy décor. The walls are white and this is also the dominant color for the whole interior. The apartment was recently renovated and it now features a more functional and well-organized internal structure.

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Overall, it has a modern feel. The rooms are spacious and the living area is an open space that also includes the kitchen, like in most modern and contemporary homes. The apartment includes, besides the communal areas, two cozy bedrooms with large windows facing the courtyard. In fact, the whole apartment has large windows that let in lots of natural light and contribute to the final décor that is bright and airy. The white walls are beautifully complemented by pine and oak parquet floors. It’s a classical combination and the result is simple, elegant and versatile.

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The apartment also features paneled doors that match the whole minimalist décor. It has plenty of storage space in the two walk-in closets. As for the furniture, it’s modern and minimalist. It features light colors, curvilinear shapes and soft textures. The apartment is located on the first floor in a building with elevator and has 3 rooms.