Simple 2 drawer side table from Bungalow 5

A side table is a very useful item because it can be easily transformed into a nightstand. Also it provides you with some extra storage space for small things of books, magazines and anything else you might want to have near your bed.


There are a lot of different designs for this piece of furniture, but few of them are as simple and elegant as this one. Created by Bungalow 5, this Frances 2 drawer side table has a very beautiful Palmwood finish that would look very nice in the appropriate interior. It features a hardwood body, an open shelf where you can store books for example, and 2 drawers, in different sizes on steal metal glides. The drawers also have polished chrome handles that match very well with the overall design and color.

The dimensions are 28″H x 21″D x 26.5″W. I would say this is a very beautiful side table that is both good-looking and functional and it would make a great addition to any home. This design is also available in black or white finish, in case you’re planning to match it with the rest of your furniture.Available for 1105$.