Simbolo Stool from Modani

We know that stools are made to sit on or to place your feet comfortably on them in order to stretch them and feel fine while resting in the living room. But sometimes stools can be more than just useful pieces of furniture: you can also use them as decorations. If you choose the right kind of stool you can bring a special look to your house and room and make it look special. Simbolo Stool from Modani is the perfect example illustrating this. First of all it is made of ceramics and not of wood or plastic like all the other normal stools. That makes it a bit harder to use as a stool, as you may be afraid not to break it and it may be less comfortable, too. But it is perfect as a living room decoration.

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It is classic and elegant and shows a certain class and style. It has a golden shade and it is nicely enameled so as to shine beautifully in the sun and you can place it near a sofa or bookcase or even create a special corner for it. And since today we celebrate 4th July, this online store offers a considerable discount for certain products, this one included. So you can purchase it now for just $48 instead of $420 , its normal price.