Silverlake Wine Decanter

I like having guests, not necessarily on special occasions, but also for dinner, for no particular reason. But when I have company for dinner I like serving them and making them feel comfortable and fine. So I like bringing the beverages in an unusual decanter, something that they will remember and appreciate, a lot different from the normal bottle of wine that you can see on any table. For example this Silverlake Wine Decanter brings freshness and personality to any dinner table and whether you fill it with red or white wine, it will still stand out and draw attention on it.

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This 38 ounces decanter has a unique shape and an asymmetrical design that is able to mix modernism with the classic habit of serving wine in decanters. The open top of this decanter allows the wine to breathe and I learned this confers a special flavour to good wines. The hole in the middle of the decanter can be used as a handle and makes it so cool. It is made of transparent glass, so the wine colour will be seen perfectly and admired by the guests. The piece of glassware can be now purchased for just $24 and it can bring a certain special air to any of your festive dinners.