Silver Plated Plateau

My mother often says:” My dear girl, things aren’t what they used to be”. And she is absolutely right. Things change and people change, too. And what is very fashionable at a certain point in time is really stupid or out of line some decades after that. Nowadays people are very practical and tend to have very simple things in their possession but there was a time when everything had to be really fancy, to show richness, so you had to have silver plates and all. This Silver Plated Plateau is just a reminder of those times, even though I still like it very much and I would love to have it in my house. However, it is now considered a luxury item and is purchased for its design rather than utility.

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This item is not an antique, but it surely looks like one and is very beautiful, indeed. It is hand made and you immediately recognize the great skill of artistry. It is made of wood that is after that silver plated and the top of the plateau is covered with mirror. That allows it to reflect the light gently and to be the centerpiece of any table. Presently the item belongs to by Estate Silver Co. Ltd , but you can purchase it for $5,250.