Sight- Sculptural Balcony Furniture by Tim Kerp

Once you are inside a museum of art you can admire various objects of art that can take your breath away. The style, the materials or the combinations of colors make you become an admirer of what it means beauty and art.

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You may have the same feelings if you come to choose this wonderful balcony furniture called the Sight.Sight is designed by Tim Kerp and represents a combination of modern art and contemporary furniture. The first impression you have when you see this interesting piece of furniture is that of viewing an exceptional sculpture. It looks like a huge vase that comes from ancient times. Its modern design and materials brings you to the contemporary period when you can enjoy the modern facilities and comfort.

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Sight has a spherical body made from weave and which features a projecting “window tunnel” that allows you to arrange it in order to focus your desired view. Inside you can enjoy a comfortable seating offered also by the relaxing cushions and take advantage of privacy and shade. The globe is cradled in a sturdy metal frame which lets you angle it as you want.

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Sight is a exquisite piece of furniture which can be used indoors or outdoors too. Now any space of your house may become eye catching place due to this attractive sculptural piece of furniture.