Should you Spend or Save?

When shopping for furniture and accessories, it’s not always easy to know when to spend a large sum of money versus when you should save it. Here are some ideas:

You should spend on:

1. Classic Statement Pieces.

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A Sofa Becomes Trendy Design

There are some pieces that you absolutely love and which you should splurge on if they are going to become timeless accessories in your home. An example would be a gorgeous vintage armoire or a stunning chandelier that brings your living room to life. If something is a central piece of your room’s décor and you can see it belonging in your home for a long time, it’s worth spending on it.

2. Fine Flooring.

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Durable Décor – Choose the Right Flooring

Flooring is not so much splurging than investing. If you choose cheap options for flooring, you’ll end up wasting more money because it won’t last long or become ruined after a few years. By investing in good, sustainable flooring options, you save money in the long-run. Some options for good flooring include stone, ceramic tiles and hardwood.

3. Windows.

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Window Treatments Draw Attention

How you dress your windows is worthy of becoming a décor investment. This could include gorgeous blinds, shades or fabrics for curtains. Windows let the light inside your home and they are usually focal points by default because they break the appearance of bare walls. It’s definitely worth spending money on ensuring they look stylish.

You should save on:

1. Storage

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Storage Opportunity Under the Stairs

Although you might have a lot of stuff that requires packing away, don’t spend too much money on storage! Besides for cupboards and cabinets, you can probably find storage in creative ways around the home, such as by piling books and magazines under the coffee table, stacking CDs as artwork on floating shelves on the wall, or using that space under the stairs that usually goes to waste.

2. Art.

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Think Colorful and Unique

Although the mention of ‘artwork’ might make you think of pieces hidden in the Louvre, art around the home does not have to be expensive at all. You can use mementos from holidays as interesting and creative pieces. On the other hand, framing special photographs or fabric swatches can also become appealing. Think out the box and try to use what you have before you lash out a large wad of cash.

3. Children’s Furniture.

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Keep it Trendy and Neutral, with Minimal Accessories

Yes, you want your children’s bedrooms and baby nursery to look beautiful, but that doesn’t mean you should spend too much money on furniture for these rooms. After a few years you will have to update the rooms, so it’s not worth spending on items such as bunk beds and fun décor accessories that your children will outgrow in a flash.

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