Should Kitchen Cabinets Match The Hardwood Floors?

The idea of matching the kitchen cabinets to the floor is tempting and many of us struggle with this problem when renovating or remodeling a space. So, this being said, should these two match or not? The answer to this question is something you have to come up with on your own. It;s simply a matter of preference and style.

Kitchen contrast between cabinets and floorView in gallery

It can be interesting to create contrasts between the cabinets and the floor. In other words, if you have hardwood floors in your kitchen, you can opt for white cabinets to give out a fresh and simple vibe. The kitchen island can be the link between them.

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Of course, you can also choose a bold and vibrant color or even mix several tones.

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Then there’s also a third option: to reach a balance. You can have the lower cabinets match the floor and the upper ones designed in a contrasting color.

Cherry floor kitchenView in gallery

Dark hardwood floors combined with white cabinets look beautiful and classy. Brazilian walnut colored or cherry rich hardwood floors when paired with a light grain hardwood such as maple or hickory lighten the atmosphere, create and light and bright interiors and add more drama to the room.

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You can still create a cohesive look even if you don’t use the same color and stain for the cabinets and the floor. It’s all about the way you distribute these colors in the room.