Shop Your House for a Successful New Year’s Party Floor Plan

So you’re throwing a New Year’s gala and want the event to be fun and festive and accommodating to all guests…without breaking the bank? It’s not too much to ask! With a little thought and planning, you can be smart about using what you’ve already got in your home to make every guest feel comfortable and be able to enjoy themselves. Plus, it’ll give you a chance, as host, to relax a bit and enjoy some time with your loved ones. Here are a few ideas to plan around:

Entryway bench

If you don’t have a large front door closet, consider pulling a bench or large chair into the entryway for holding coats, bags, purses, or whatever.

Entryway shoes storage
Have a no-shoes-inside policy but don’t want to spend the night repeating that to every guest? Place a basket or two by the front door for easy (and obvious) shoe removal and storage. If you want, you could even leave a kind request note within easy glance.

Ottoman coffee table
Throw a tray (or two) on an ottoman in the living room to instantly transform it into a coffee table. Or clear off the tray you already have so they’re ready for consumable drop-offs throughout the night.

Home entryway ottomans
Store poufs or stools under a larger console table to free up standing space. Or, depending on the nature of your party, pull them out for seating to join in on lively conversation.{found on site}.

Nordic living room
If you need a little extra space, push your sofa up against the wall to free up some floor. Organize remaining furniture so as to best suit your guests’ needs.

Books storage vertical
Check to see that there are plenty of flat surfaces around the room for guests to set down their drinks or plates of food. Be creative! A crate or (sturdy) stack of books counts.

Throw blanket sofa
Casually drape a throw or two over the arms of furniture, in case guests feel chilly or for them to cozy up in before the ball drops.

Home bar decor
Place lamps in the vicinity of glass and mirrors to add great ambiance and extra sparkle to your evening. And bask in the limelight of a well-thrown gala.