Ship’s Wheel Wall Clock

Water is part of our body and our system and we couldn’t live without it. That is why we always live near the water, whether it is a river, the sea, the ocean or just a big water pipeline. And even if we live in big cities with millions of inhabitants we can’t wait for summer to come so that we can run to our favourite retreat near the water. Many people have a cabin near the lake or on the seashore and today I want to show them a very nice piece of work that is perfect for your seaside retreat: the Ship’s Wheel Wall Clock .

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This clock is very natural and has a simple design, looking like a clock made of salvaged wood. So this is basically a clock that is placed in the middle of a ship’s wheel. Of course the wheel is not real or functional, but the picture is great. Any way, if you ever dreamed about being a pirate or at least a ship’s captain, this item is for you. It has a silver metal trim that gives it resistance and is pretty worn our at the edges, but this gives it authenticity and style. The item is now available for $109 on Shades of Light.