A Club That Mimics The Unique Look Of Shipping Containers

Repurposing shipping containers into homes, shops and even hotels is no longer an unusual thing, now we have projects such as the Containhotel or Wahaca. The trend has spread rapidly, so much in fact that we even came across projects that mimic the look of shipping containers without actually using this resource. One such project is the Dock 45 club in India.

Dock 45 nightclub mimics shipping containersView in gallery
Dock 45 is a unique club with an interesting design secret
Dock 45 nightclub with different colored volumesView in gallery
All the signs indicate that the club is built out of shipping containers
Dock 45 nightclub with colorful exterior shellView in gallery
However, this is just an illusion created through the use of corrugated metal sheets

The club was designed by Spacefiction studio and completed in 2017. With a total surface of 910 square meters, the club is pretty big which brings us to the reasons why the architects chose to mimic the look of containers rather than using real ones. One of the biggest problems was the size limitation imposed by the containers. Even the large ones didn’t offer the spatial flexibility that the architects desired.

Dock 45 nightclub with glazed sections open to the viewsView in gallery
The metal sheets cover most of the building’s surface with the exception of some glass sections
Dock 45 nightclub features a long metal bar View in gallery
An extra long bar with a metal top runs along the dance floor, delineating the space
Dock 45 nightclub features a long bar View in gallery
The interior is decorated using a lot of salvaged parts from broken ships

Other reasons that ultimately convinced the architects to choose the faux were related to the structural instability of shipping containers and the fact that they were unavailable locally. As a result, the design strategy they chose included creating this exterior skin made of corrugated metal sheets. It covers almost the entire building, with the occasional glass wall here and there.

Dock 45 nightclub with large open interior volumeView in gallery
Ambient lighting characterizes every area, creating a dynamic ambiance full of energy
Dock 45 nightclub with concrete flooringView in gallery
The decor changes depending on the time of the day, from bright and quiet to colorful and dynamic

The exterior of the building was visually divided into geometric sections, each painted a different color. The palette chosen includes shades of green, blue, yellow and red, colors that replicate the look of real shipping containers. The architects also added fabricated container doors which were covered in graffiti to maintain this authentic look.

Dock 45 nightclub with glass internal partitionsView in gallery
The bar is furnished very casually, with classical and versatile pieces in a variety of colors
Dock 45 nightclub features a textured accent wall with lightingView in gallery
All the spaces have polished concrete floors, both on the ground floor and the upper level

The interior is large and spacious and organized on two levels. One of the focal points is a 30 ft long bar that’s adjacent to the dance floor. Then there’s also a pair of staircases made of folded metal plates. They offer access to the upper floor from where the views are pretty great, being framed by the full-height glass walls.

Dock 45 nightclub furnished with white tables and colorful chairsView in gallery
Simple, white tables are complemented by metal chairs painted in various different colors

A long wall clad with find made of waterproof fiberboard was designed to mimic the water and the waves and is one of the elements that establish a nautical theme throughout the club.

Dock 45 nightclub decorated with salvaged elements View in gallery
The interior decor has strong industrial influences, in accordance with the faux container theme