Shield Mirror

Shields were first used to protect the life of their bearers in the battle and after that their shape was used to express nobility and belonging to a noble and rich old family. But now the shield can be used as anything, even as a special shape for a mirror. This is the Shield Mirror from Jason Home and it is at least interesting. It has an unusual design, with a shield shape and natural horns on the side of the frame, which makes it a bit scary, especially for the families with small children who see potential hazards everywhere. But I must admit I like it.

Sheld mirror

However, I think this kind of mirror is more appropriate for a hunter’s cabin or something like that, as I find it really masculine and sending a message of power. The item is interesting, but also serves as a normal mirror, so you can check your appearance in it when you get out of the house, even though I can’t really picture a woman applying make up while looking at her face in this mirror. This home accessory leaves a strong impression on any person seeing it, that is why I think it should be placed in a visible spot, somewhere in the hallway maybe. Due to the natural components of the mirror, you will have to wait for a while after ordering it online for a substantial price of $3,995.00.