Shelves in Unusual Places: 3 Inspiring Examples

When you have limited space or a lot of items to store it can be difficult to find places to put all of your things. Luckily, there are many places you can put shelving that you’ve probably never thought about. Below you will find the top 3 most unusual places to put shelves.

Stair Shelves.

Ceiling shelving

Stairs can serve more of a purpose than just going from one floor to another. Stair shelves can be easily added to the side of the staircase that is flush against the wall. You won’t miss the few inches of space that they take up and you will give yourself much needed storage instead of having wasted space. You can easily make these shelves yourself by taking one shelf and bracket, found at Home Depot, and installing it on the wall above each step.{image from flickr}.

Door Shelves.

Ceiling shelving

Most people have doors in their home, such as linen or coat closets, that they may not open often. These doors are the perfect place to add shelves. These shelves are so unique because they add much needed space, yet are hidden from the naked eye so you can store practically anything you want on them. Shelves for the back of a door can be purchased online at or at many local home improvement stores. If you want to get really inventive, you can even just purchase a small bookshelf and nail it to the back of the door for storage. As long as the door is strong enough to hold the shelf’s weight and you still have enough clearance to open the door completely, you really have no limitations on the type of shelf you put on the back of a door. You can see this working really well as a form of garage shelving where practicality takes precedent over the aesthetic.{image from ana-white}.

Wrap Around Ceiling Shelves.

Ceiling shelving

When most people think about shelves, they think of shelves that are well within their reach and often times low to the ground. This leaves a lot of wasted space toward the top of walls, close to the ceiling. Wrap around ceiling shelves can be used to store books or decorative items. They are perfect for a kid’s room to store games or toys that they don’t play with often. You can purchase this type of shelving at places like Sears. One of the benefits of wrap around ceiling shelving is that since you buy it by the piece, you can choose as much or as little shelving as you like.{image from apartmenttherapy}.